Weimar Paul Krugman

Wherein JDA catches the former Enron adviser calling for printing vast quantities of dollars as a solution to all society's ills.

I could be accused of making a similar argument with my "Devaluation is the only way out." Big difference though: I'm calling for stopping the fiscal insanity now and then devaluing a little bit to mitigate the fiscal damage. Krugman is calling for ramping up the reckless spending, opening up the federal floodgates, while at the same time putting the printing presses into overdrive.

Bonus: Frederick in the comments at JDA shows us the Krugster getting dissenting comments on his blog, and not taking it well. See also Fred Douglass's brutal takedown of Krugman at American Thinker.

The wise and witty James Taranto had some fun mocking the easily mocked Krugman last week as well.

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Jr Deputy Accountant said...

I left a comment on that moronic deflation post saying something like "With all due respect, Dr Krugman, are you smoking crack?!"

I did not use up my 5000 characters and as a registered NYT user, I am obviously not spam.

It was not approved. *cry*

Nailed it

Twitter (X) : To be fair, though, I thought they'd come up with someone more appealing than Cackles Harris.