Aren't you hungry?

Democrat Congressional candidate Ray Lutz is doing a hunger strike because his opponent, popular incumbent Duncan Hunter, won't agree to his demand for eight debates.
Hunter campaign spokesman Dave Gilliard said he hopes Lutz can hold on until October.

"We have told him that we will debate him in October when Congress is out of session and voters are paying attention," Gilliard said Friday.

Lutz's campaign spokesman, Brennan Purtzer, said the debates should take place now when Congress is on its summer recess.

"They look mean and inhuman by letting a guy publicly starve because he won't engage in a debate with us," he said.

No, sir, you look like an idiot to use a hunger strike to demand more debates than there have ever been in any Congressional contest I can recall.

Would it be cruel to order pizzas delivered to his campaign events?

P.S. He looks like a real winner from his amateur and kooky "company" web site.

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