UCLA fires researcher James Enstrom who exposed Mary Nichols / Hien Tran CARB scientific fraud

Perhaps you haven't heard of Hien Tran and Mary Nichols. It's your typical California love story: crazy lady wants authoritarian power over business, crazy lady hires fake researcher with fake degree from fake internet school run by fugitive pedophile, fake researcher with fake degree produces fake research which crazy lady uses to obtain authoritarian power.

Well, after the story was exposed, somebody was obviously fired. Only it wasn't Hien Tran and Mary Nichols, it was the real scientist, Dr. James Enstrom, who helped expose the fraud.

Get with the party line if you want to work in academia.

This of course continues a long tradition of corruption in the University of California.

Read all about it at Temple of Mut.


Mutnodjmet said...

Thanks for the link. W.C.; I am trying to get the word out. Hopefully, we can garner some public support for Dr. Enstrom and turn this around.

Dean said...

So what you're trying to say is I shouldn't be holding my breath for the Erin Brokovich/Silkwood/China Syndrome Hollywood thriller?

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