Is a Steamroller "competition" to pavement? To small mammals?

Obama claims a "public plan" option for Health Insurance, funded by the Federal government, would provide "competition" to private Health Insurance plans. I hate to be the one point out such info, but the man (or is he a God with super-human reflexes?) is not interested in competing with private insurance. He wants to destroy it. The idea (see this blog) is to undercut them on price, using the vast resources of the Federal government's tax revenue to make up the difference, and drive the private health insurance companies out of the business entirely. That will leave Uncle Sam, who suddenly has swollen to the size of Jabba the Hut, as the sole provider. Obama and all his policy-advisor minions have even publicly said as much. It's a play for an eventual government-run monopoly. See this surprisingly honest video of them saying such honest things as:

"One of the virtues of it [Obama's 'public option'], is that we can at least make the CLAIM that this is a competitive system between the public and private system. "


"This Public Plan..It's not even a 'Trojan horse' for a single-payer system, it's just RIGHT THERE! We're not gonna frighten people into thinking they'll lose their private insurance. We're gonna give them a choice between public and private insurance. "

Does anyone feel like calling/faxing/email his or her Congressman now? Now's as good a time as any. No? Um, did you actually see that video and hear the words they spoke yet?

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