To Serve

I was inspired by Barack Obama in this public service announcement to find a way to serve my country.

I went, as requested, to usaservice.org, which redirects to www.serve.gov.

This is the local service opportunity I found:
2nd Annual Obama Loving Day Potluck BBQ & Pool Party (Community Service)

Last years' BBQ was a big hit and we have decided to have the event again to celebrate diversity, love, our Obama victory and our continued fight for marriage equity for all Californians. Please announce the BBQ in all of your newsletters and blogs.


Come and celebrate Barack's mixed heritage and the Loving Supreme Court Decision that struck down laws against interracial marriage, and the new fight for marriage equality. Reunite with campaign friends and meet new Change movement organizers and volunteers. Find out how you can get more involved!


Suggested Donation: $10 for Adults, $5 for Kids/Students

Funds fundraised go to OC and San Diego Military and Veterans for Change Outreach Program - La Jolla Democratic Club.

How better to serve our country than to gather and worship our Dear Leader and raise funds for the Party!

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