Vending Machines Selling Gold in UK

Any "holidaymakers" out there who might be traveling through the UK or Frankfurt? Check this out. How long until we see these here in the U.S.? This story taken from this interesting website.

‘Gold To Go’ Vending Machines

Thomas Geissler of TG Gold-Super-Markt

By Richard Evans and Harry Wallop

Holidaymakers passing through Britain’s airports could soon have the chance to buy a block of gold from a vending machine, rather than a chocolate bar or a fizzy drink.

A German-based company, TG Gold-Super-Markt, has just installed a sophisticated gold vending machine at Frankfurt airport and has plans to roll out 500 of the machines in airports and railway stations in Europe, including Britain.

The machines sell everything from small bars intended as gifts, such as a 1 gram bar for about €30, to larger ingots aimed more at investors – a 10 gram bar costs about €245 – or gold coins such as the Maple Leaf (about €108) or Kangaroo (about €85).

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