Toll Brothers Reno Horror Show

Toll Brothers thought that it would be a great idea to build million dollar McMansions in the outskirts of Reno. Let me paraphrase that - million dollar homes....Reno. I believe you can purchase 4 square blocks of downtown Reno for less then that but I may be wrong.

Check this out from Zillow (for sale denoted by the red house symbol):

So of course in this film the "victims" thought it would be a good idea to purchase these $800K+ monsters and have to pay another $100K for landscaping plus an HOA fee. Oh and that amazing golf course, something like $50K to join and $10K a year before greens fees. Did I mention this is Reno?

Click on this Zillow link (Toll Brothers - Reno Massacre) and then click on a few of those properties to see what they were purchased for compared to the asking price. Please make sure your children are nowhere near the screen when you do so. This is like Freddy Kruger scary.

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