California Selling Itself to the Empire

California's political leaders, who are facing the daunting challenge of closing an estimated $20.7 billion budget deficit this year, are looking to Washington for help. Just don't call it a bailout.
Don't worry, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind. A few that did cross my mind were 'death of the republic', 'so much for states' rights', and 'will we have to wear purple shirts now?' But the thought that this is a bailout is absurd. I mean if it were a bailout, I'd be getting a huge check from the government in the form of a bonus. That certainly isn't going to happen.

But here's a suggestion, let's stop paying our elected officials. If they can't do their job then why are they getting money for it. I know, I know, Mary Sharpiro at the SEC gets $7 mil/year for doing nothing but sitting in her office testing out Sharper Images' latest massagers, but still, I think elected officials should be held to a higher standard.

How about this for a law, if you don't balance the budget, YOU DON'T GET PAID! Watch California America; you are witnessing the death of democracy.


Anonymous said...

There is a simple problem with voting in our representatives. Most people end up supporting the incumbent because he or she *is* the *incumbent*. We have to have term limits.

I have lived in California and have never seen things worse. By what right do we have to ask for federal money?

Bay Aryan.

Sic Ibid said...

Beebs, States asking for federal money represents a big step away from Federalism itself. If you believe in States' rights, you better believe in balancing your own budget, and never asking D.C. to bridge the gaps. Once D.C. steps in, we have a "national" system of gvt, not a "Federal" one, in which states' rights are primary.

What did D.C. do once it owned big stakes in GM? In banks? Did they take a hands-off approach? No, they did not. Do you think D.C. will take a hands-off approach with CA once it bails it out? No way! Just try passing some of your voter initiatives now. Prediction: Without DC's permission, some of them simply won't be allowed on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to read the Austrian economist von Mises. I've his books Human Action, The Theory of Money and Credit, andSocialism.

The problem with government intervention is that government socialism cannot discover the correct price of anything, and cannot control demand (Cash for Clunkers, anyone?). These price signals are important for an economy to work properly.

I should have the books read in 6 months. They are mighty tomes.

Anonymous said...

I've long held the idea that when you look at your deductions on your paycheck, the amount paid into your local and State governments and taxing entities should be greater than the amount paid into the Federal tax column. Everyone makes a choice on which state to live in (one way or the other) and the money you pay in taxes should reflect that choice. "All politics is local" according to Tip O'Neil and our tax deductions should reflect that notion. Keep the money local and keep the size of Federal government in check while supporting the area you choose to live in. Jeff

Nailed it

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