If he put that in a PowerPoint presentation, he could win a Nobel Prize

Osama bin Laden is a global warmist:
The talk about climate change is not an intellectual indulgence. Rather, it is a reality. All of the industrialized countries, and especially the large ones, bear the responsibility for the crisis of the greenhouse effect. Most of them, though, rallied around the Kyoto accords, and agreed to limits on emissions of harmful gases. However Bush Jr., and Congress before him, rejected this accord in order to please the large corporations, which are themselves the ones responsible for [market] speculation, monopolies, and the rise in the cost of living. And they are behind globalization and its tragic consequences. Then, when these criminals' own evil deeds did them in, the heads of state rush to rescue them with public funds.

Noam Chomsky was right when he pointed out that there is a similarity between the policies of America and those of mafia gangs. They are the true terrorists.

He digs Chomsky, too! Groovy, man!


Anonymous said...

It's like one more reason to tell him to go fuck himself.


B-Daddy said...

You have to wonder if Osama is really drifting into irrelevance, as this claptrap seems aimed not at any Middle Eastern audience, his natural base, but at the political left in the west. But since they are already his lapdog, what does he gain? I can only conclude that he's losing his grip.

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