Is Something Wrong With Obama's Neck?

Say what you will about Obama. But I've been wondering about this since 2004 and I just need to finally pose the question:

Is there something wrong with Obama's neck?

Check him out. I think he's always striking this most seemingly contrived "profound leader" pose because of some unpublicized neck muscle problem that causes his head to tilt back, and face slightly (or even severely) skyward. No wonder he wants Health Care Reform so badly. He might need a doctor. Or maybe his olfactory nerves are overly sensitive, causing him to constantly be smelling something putrid. Is he perhaps trying to fit in with the snob crowd? Or is there an epidemic going around in the photographer community that causes photographers to shrink by about 3 feet?

After doing some CSI-style original forensic work, I can now submit this collage for your consideration on this important issue:


Tregonsee said...

Take a look at some old footage of Mussolini. He was much stockier, but in his posed pictures, he often had his neck extended, jaw stuck out. Very similar, though without the smug smile.

MJ said...

He needs to keep that nose in the air


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