President Kumbaya calls in the military

I thought if we just negotiated without preconditions, everyone would be our friends?

Maybe not.


Negocios Loucos said...

Nothing gets the polls back on your side like going to war!

B-Daddy said...

I believe Iran is seeking to expand its sphere of influence against the weak nation states in the Gulf. Intimidation is part of that game plan. The Iranians do not really want war with the U.S. because that doesn't advance their end game. Deploying missile defenses helps reduce the credibility of the Iranian threat, but only buys a little time. War with Iran is also unrealistic for the U.S. However, regime change can be hoped for, because large segments of Iran don't like the direction Ahmadinejad is taking their nation. The situation is complex, and as much as I loathe Obama's domestic agenda, can't say this is a bad move. Because the Patriots are defensive, it shows the Iranians people that they rushing towards confrontation with the U.S. that is only of their own government's making.
(I believe that a lot of news makes it past Iranian censors.)

Sic Ibid said...

NL echoes my initial thought, which was - this guy doesn't care one hoot about Iran getting nukes. But whatever will get his approval ratings up and help him ram his agenda and health care bill through, he will do. Heck, I bet he'd legalize conceal and carry everywhere, if it meant he'd get health care through.

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