Some nerve

The man who killed capitalism now wants to sell you his story.


Anonymous said...

"So long as business activity goes on," Albert Wiggin, chairman of the Chase National Bank, told a Senate committee in 1931, "we are bound to have conditions of crisis once in so often." The committe chairman, Robert M. La Follette, Jr., then asked Wiggin if he thought "the capacity for human suffering is unlimited." "I think so," the banker replied. (It later came out, we might mention in passing, that during the fall of 1929, Wiggin used more than $6 million of Chase funds to finance an operation in which he sold short some 42,506 share of stock in his own bank. In the process, while so many were being wiped out by the Crash, Wiggin netted the not inconsiderable profit of $4,008,538 from the decline in the value of Chase stock. The limits of his own capacity for suffering were not severly tested.)

from "The Great Depression" by Robert S. McElvaine


Jr Deputy Accountant said...

Yeah, well, THIS capitalist is slapping some ads on her blog and writing about that bastard's big ugly crooked pinky so she can get thousands of "Paulson + crooked + pinky" Google hits while he's making the rounds on the book tour.

Get a piece. It's not like you can stop him, might as well take a piece for yourself.


I'm so fucking OUTRAGED.

(how dare you say capitalism is dead, WCV.)

Anonymous said...

it's russian-style 'crony capitalism', is what it is. we all know the story of how a few russian oligarchs raped their country and made *tens of billions* for themselves in the process. TELL me hank and the goldman boys, and the gang at morgan, didn't look at that and think, "hmmmmm."

russian crony capitalism helped bump off yeltsin, and ushered in putin, who - before he's through - is going to reboot the USSR and have all the oligarchs shot. (that's why they're fleeing in droves. that's why there're lots of russians living in expensive london townhomes, with unusually extensive security.)

i wonder how things will end up here? the system's broke *and* blatantly crooked, and even the little guys know it. and there are something like 200,000,000 firearms in this country. my only hope is that when it starts, they go after the scumbags who write books of lies rubbing the proles noses in it *first*.

good luck, hank. (and lloyd.) you'll need it.

Happy Super Tuesday!