A Coakley Joke?

We can make some kind of Coakley joke out of this video can't we? C'mon people..."split the vote"? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

http://tinyurl.com/ycdh8nk Enjoy! You've helped create a monster now JDA


Anonymous said...

Movie Name: NYPD Blue (1993)
[Officer Roy Larson emerges from the locker room wearing nothing but
a towel]
Off. Roy Larson: Hey, Kelly! You wanna sit on a butt like cottage
cheese, be my guest. Meanwhile, Ill be sittin on this.
[Larson smacks his rear and walks off toward the locker room, while a
surprised Lt. Fancy walks in]
Det. Andy Sipowicz: You gotta admit, Lieutentant... the guys got a
hell of a muscular ass.

why this came to mind I have no idea.

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