No really, is there anything else you want?

I was only half-joking when I asked the question on JDA tonight:

Anything else you care to put in for, America?

Here are some other really great moves we've made in the last, oh, two or so years:

You wanted new credit card rules? You got them and it puts the consumer in the yoke.

You wanted a Stimulus bill. You got it and it hasn't done shit for you.

You wanted hope and change. You got more billion dollar Wall Street bonuses and bullshit from Washington.

You wanted accounting reform. You got tricks around it.

I'm not angry or anything. I didn't bother looking for a different picture, the one I picked the first time was totally appropriate. Seriously, what else do you people want? Your track record kind of sucks.

(Sorry, WCV, I know you hate the swearing - pffft - but maybe I am angry. At least I refrained from F-bombs. It pisses me off)


Anonymous said...

The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter - Winston Churchill

:>) Jeff

ubu roi said...

I know so many people on some form of "disability" here in CA, I sometimes wonder who works at all. The model for family in CA is a father who works for a government union, and a mother who has some sort of recently diagnosed ailment that gets her a regular disability check. The kids go to public schools and are likely to be illiterate; I wonder if illiteracy can qualify as a disability?

Anonymous said...

Ubu, there is a lawyer here in St. Louis that advertises on television his ability to get social security benefits for those folks who suffer from depression (among other ailments/injuries). Isn't that special?


Jr Deputy Accountant said...


It's not a disability if everyone is practically illiterate.

And totally agree with you.


Happy Super Tuesday!