Half empty, half full

A realist would say, "We have so misjudged our mandate that we can't even come within 100,000 votes against an unknown candidate in the overwhelmingly Democratic state of Massachusetts."

An optimist would say, "We can't win them all."

A focus group on what went wrong:


John Enright said...

That's a great clip.

JenO said...

Weird to me that it would about Health Care for them since Mass. has it's own mini version of universal healthcare. (Which was signed in by Mitt Romney). They seem to be saying that they are fine with the system as it is...but their state system is what Obama is trying to get for the rest of the country. Are they even from Mass?


Sic Ibid said...

JennO, Perhaps you haven't heard. MA's own Universal Health Care system is a disaster that's causing the state to bleed money. The Take-Away point here is; the people of MA KNOW what Universal Health Care is like. They KNOW what damage it causes and how bad it is. They were voting for Brown precisely because they don't want a Nationalized version of MA's health system.

So, yes, they ARE from MA.

JenO said...

Actually living next to MA I have not heard it is a disaster. Most Physicians rate it positively and are supportive of it. Many feel that there are some changes that need to be made, but overall doctors feel that it is working well. Polling as of last September also shows that the majority of Mass residences support it. 79% of the population wants to continue the law despite the difficulties it faces due to the current economy. Even one of the respondents in the clip said quote: "There is nothing wrong with our healthcare. It is a good system, it needs improvement..."

I’m from NY and have limited personal experience, but I’m close to the MA border and work with people from there. They all voted for Brown because of the same ole same, "It's the economy stupid" I think that this being some referendum on health care is being over blown, I think it has more to do with the economy. Unemployment is still high, Mass is s mess (their healthcare does not help it but is far from the cause of it)


Sic Ibid said...

Interesting, JennO. I lived in MA, but my knowledge of its health system is only from reading about it from a distance. From what I've read, it's not only a "disaster" but it was predictable as such.




If it was the "Economy" that voters were fed up with, then why was Coakely up by over 30 points in December, and her precipitous drop coincided with the Nebraska bribe, the Louisiana bribe, the Christmas Eve quiet passage of the bill in the House, and the start of closed-door negotiations as well as the LACK of the many C-SPAN cameras they kept promising us in 2008?

Did "the economy" tank SO much in 1 month that it caused an immediate 30-point drop for Coakely? Or was there an awful-smelling Health Bill being rammed through that people overwhelmingly didn't want?

Next maybe you'll be regurgitating the pathetic Democrat Party "spin" that Coakely just "ran a bad campaign" or "Was a bad candidate". Yeah, as if that explains why the most wedded-to-liberalism State in the entire country just suddenly voted for an unabashed Conservative.

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