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Obama and Pelosi promised "unprecedented transparency". Obama promised that the health care bill would be debated on CSPAN in front of the cameras. Has he kept such promises? Well, it's now being debated behind closed doors as I type. Obama's weasely answer is, ""there aren't a lot of secrets going on in there". What harm has Congress done behind closed doors? They are systematically chipping away at our Federal system of governance, amongst other things.

CA's impending bailout is one blow to our Federal system, as individual States' Rights will certainly be curtailed once the Federal Government takes on the debts of individual States. But what about the special deals that were made for different States in the Senate's Health Care bill? What kinds of provisions did the behind-closed-doors negotiations yield? In the bill, Nebraska won't have to pay for its Medicaid anymore! Instead, the rest of the 49 states will take on Nebraska's Medicaid expenses, as well as continuing to pay for their own. There are other such deals in this bill whereby certain states get discounts and others do not. Who fills the gap? The rest of the States will.

Do such bailouts and special deals suggest a trend towards more Federal Government control (and thus less Federalism), or do they suggest a trend towards protecting States' Rights? Will states such as Iowa, Colorado, California, Florida, and New York have a choice in whether they will help fund Nebraska's Medicaid? Or will the Federal Government make that mandatory when this disgusting bill passes? If it is mandatory, are we closer to a Federal system, in which States get to largely govern themselves, or are we closer to a Centralized, "National" system by which Washington, D.C. governs the individual States? Hey California, New York, and Illinois, do you want to take on Nebraska's Medicaid costs when your own states are swamped by your own debts? If not, then do not allow your Congressmen to vote for this bill.

Attorneys General of some States that will have to pick up Nebraska's Medicaid tab are preparing to challenge the Constitutionality of this hideous Health Care Bill. They will claim violations of the 14th Amendment, for instance. I don't think I need to cite any particular Amendments when I register my own disgust.

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Negocios Loucos said...

"If not, then do not allow your Congressmen to vote for this bill." The only way to do that is to break the law. Denninger claims that the population expressed 100:1 against TARP yet TARP passed. How do you propose we not allow our congressmen to vote?

Democracy is dead my friend, congress is purchased and the only role they provide to their respective populations is crowd control. The crowd thinks they are being represented therefore they are controlled.

Happy Super Tuesday!