Miracle in Massachusetts!!!

Early returns have Brown +7. Drudge seems to have the most recent updates.

UPDATE: 2/3 of the votes in, and Brown is still up by 6 or 7 points. Put a fork in this turkey; she's done!

Revenge of the Fingerists!

A big Left Coast Thank You to the people of Massachusetts! You've honored your ancestors, Sam Adams and the OT's (Original Teabaggers).

Wear brown tomorrow to celebrate!


Sic Ibid said...

Coakely's conceded now! But I've been thinking and I now think Obama and company WILL indeed try to ram the Health Care bill through, no matter what. It's been the main goal for "progressives", "socialists", and "communists" for over 100 years. They think if they don't ram it through this time, it might be 15-20 yrs before they get another chance. I think Obama is too stubborn, and actually is an ideologue, unlike Clinton, who moved to the center when he lost Conress only b/c he mainly wanted everyone to like him. Obama has no such concerns. He's a radical who's steeped in an American-Marxist ideology. He's not going to give this up just because of a flimsy "filibuster".

W.C. Varones said...

Of course he'll keep pushing; that's who he is.

But he just lost a lot of scared Dems in competitive districts, I think. Hard to see how he wins them all back.

Happy Super Tuesday!