Can't Break a Filibuster? Oh, Poor Liberals: Always moving the goal posts in the middle of the game

Barney Frank wants to change the rules of the Senate. Why? Well 60 votes to break a filibuster is just too large a requirement for them to meet in order to ram their Nationalized Health Care bill through. Frank says, "God didn't create the filibuster". True, Barney. And God didn't create closed-door Senate negotiations and trillions of dollars of debt, either.

On a serious note, Frank decries the fact that the "Smaller states's" Senators are always ganging up into blocs and filibustering. Listening to his reasoning, and to that of the host of this show, he is suggesting that we re-visit the very Bicameral Legislature Compromise that settled a major disagreement during our Constitutional Convention, one that could have de-railed the entire process had it not been resolved. It's what paved the way for our Constitution to be ratified. The question of Small States' versus Big States' legislative representation was settled a long time ago, Barney.

Is it a coincidence that there is regular discussion going on nowadays (amongst politicians as well as amongst citizens) about some of the very foundational elements of our Constitution?

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Anonymous said...

I'm confused, how can it be anti-democratic to have a majority of senators vote and agree on something before it can be passed???

W.C. Varones said...


No one said it was anti-democratic.

Democracy is three men voting to rape two women. Which is why the founders didn't give us a democracy; they gave us a constitutional republic with individual rights and limited government.

The Political Palaver said...

Well said, W.C.

Frank is a hypocrite, and "democracy" is just a red herring.

Here is a link to a recent blog on the matter, please read if you have time.


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