Why priests shouldn't have to be celibate

Because doing your own S&M just isn't the same:
Pope John Paul II regularly whipped himself with a special belt and signed a secret document saying he would resign if he became incurably ill, a book published today discloses.

It had long been rumoured the Polish-born pope, who died five years ago, engaged in acts of penance and self-flagellation.


Negocios Loucos said...

Priests aren't celibate. Just ask Cardinal Law formely of Boston. Now he has a Vatican address so that he can't be extridited back to the USA to face charges for running a child pornography syndicate. He was an extremely successful pimp for his priests as they were constantly caught having sex with young boys. But the great thing about the Catholic church is that each archdiosces is a separate corporation so that one of the richest organizations in the world can't be sued directly for sexual abuse and rape. All the Boston archdiocese had to do was declare bankruptsy so they wouldn't have to pay a dime to the victims. Because god would want it that way. Jesus loves child rapists! If he didn't the Catholic Church wouldn't exist.

Does is show that I fcking hate priests? Can you tell?

cut and shoot said...

They need to allow priests to marry, like the protestants. Root out the pedophiles and other assorted perverts. Maybe married priests would improve their message to 50% of the population.

Anonymous said...

Eastern Orthodox Priests can marry but they give up the ability to move through the ranks to become Bishops if they do so. Has to do with something about the Church having to give up property to widows and families if a Bishop or higher dies. But, if the guy is content to be a Priest for the people, he can go get hitched. I don't make excuses for pedophiles of any kind, Priest or no but I think living a sexless existence must drive even good men a little batty - like I said no excuses for pedophiles but to be honest, if I learned that a Roman Catholic Priest had a lapse and found some consenting woman who wanted him for a few rounds in the sack, I couldn't be too upset with him. Think about it - the soft skin, the full hair, the curves in just the right spots, the feminine ways, shit... Personally, I'd cave and go find myself some little honey before I whipped myself with a belt.

Restored Blogger said...

It's an unnatural abhorrent religion that relies on the ignorance of its followers to shield its crimes. This religion has committed extreme crimes against humanity while masquerading as holy and above it.

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