Jr. Deputy Accountant makes Time Magazine

Well done, JDA!

In an otherwise vapid and fawning Bernanke puff piece, Time Magazine twice links Jr. Deputy Accountant.
Now that Bernanke has gotten us past the crisis, inflation hawks and doves alike are trashing him for unbalancing the Fed's "dual mandate" to stabilize prices and maximize employment. The mostly right-leaning hawks rail about Helicopter Ben, Zimbabwe Ben and the Villain of the Year, whose cheap printed money is driving us to hyperinflation.

I do believe that's also the first time the name "Zimbabwe Ben" has been in the mainstream media (though it has been at the Fed's doorstep).


Sic Ibid said...

I have a feeling this is only the start for JDA!

Negocios Loucos said...

I wonder if this guy has the biggest man-crush in history on Ben Bernanke or he was just subversively getting commentary from writers who do understand into the mainstream media? Regardless, JDA Rules! Well done honey!

Happy Super Tuesday!