Populist omens

I've been using the term "populist" to describe the wave of conservative-libertarian sentiment sweeping the nation in opposition to the Washington-Wall Street kleptocracy.

Ed Driscoll uses the term, too, in this excellent post with examples of even hardcore Democrats having a serious change of heart.

If you're not vocally opposed to this Congress and this Administration, you're on the side of bailing out the Wall Street crooks at the expense of our children.

I've added the term "populist" to the header at the top of the blog. I've been doing more populism than bicycling lately anyway.

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Sic Ibid said...

It's a good term for what's going on in the "eyes recently opened" crowd the Tea Party supporters, etc. But keep in mind Obama himself ran as a "populist", too. So, we can see that nothing about "populism" itself guarantees anything good behind the word.

I have an additional word I've been using: "Emergency". Things are way out of control in DC. And I believe we have reached a point where any objective big-picture seer who's concerned with maintaining some semblance of the nation our Constitution gave us can reasonable use the word "emergency" today to describe what's going on with our government.

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